Jerusalem, Israel. June 23, 2020

Enrique Anaya

Director of Public Relations

Friends of Israel Association

Dear Enrique,

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem deeply regrets the sensitive death of Don Samuel Reyes Coriat, President and Founder of the NGO Friends of Israel.

In Jerusalem, we acknowledge and remember Don Samuel’s valuable intervention in appointing a director of our ICEJ ministry in Mexico, and we appreciate his tireless and invaluable work in building bridges between the Christian and Jewish Communities throughout his life.

We know that, despite his temporary farewell, his legacy remains on this Earth, and that one day we will see him again.

Please extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and we wish each of you to be comforted by God for this enormous loss.

A hug from Jerusalem,

Mojmir Kallus

Vice President of International Affairs

International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem





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